Axioma servisas provides services for handling and maintenance of industrial equipment, offers process automation and modernization solutions, develop information technology products and solutions for increasing the efficiency of company’s processes, data collection and accounting. The company has a team of 300 engineers ready to provide equipment upgrade, repair and maintenance services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all Baltic countries.

Axioma servisas UAB also has a modern biofuel research laboratory that is used to perform research of different types of biofuel; it has modern equipment and information system “Biolab”.

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CEO: Artūras Lopeta

The fourth industrial revolution, called „Industrie 4.0“ begins now, and it is happening on foundations of third digital revolution. „Industrie 4.0“ it is digitization of manufacturing and industrial sectors and its moving engine is improvement of clarity and effectiveness. 

Industrial automation, industrial IT, and maintenance and supervision in various fields.

The primary advantage of the maintenance services we offer is smart maintenance 4.0, which allows us to see malfunctions ahead of time and solve them before any serious problems occur. Smart maintenance 4.0 means that our tasks are planned according to process indicators. This is a comprehensive service that helps maintain and improve manufacturing equipment's efficiency and reliability, improve capacity and financial indicators, improve your equipment's reliability and working life, and collect and analyze manufacturing capacity indicators. This will help you save both costs and time by avoiding inefficient actions, processes and documentation.

Smart maintenance is inseparable from the IT solutions that we provide to automate companies' monitoring processes and increase the efficiency of other processes. Alongside all of this, we also offer other comprehensive services in the IT sector: the creation of individually customized computer systems and other software according to our clients' needs, internal and external communication management solutions, and the renewal of old systems.

Industrial automation includes the installation of automation solutions in various fields, the modernization of old systems and operator consoles, and the installation of individualized robotization solutions.

Attestation and certificates

- Quality management system standard ISO 9001:2015 certificate

- Environment management system standard ISO 14001:2015 certificate

- Occupational health and safety management system standard ISO 45001:2018 certificate

- Integrated management system policy

- Welding works certificate

- Fiber optic network testing, cable jointing closures and the 90S operation certificate

- Certificate to be a contractor for the construction works of special purpose buildings certificate

- Also we are certified to do welding works, execute and supervise construction works of special purpose buildings, provide  maintenance services

- We are certified to do electrical, natural gas, oil, heating, turbines, liquefied petroleum gas devices operational works


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